Experiential Cinema Innovations

Cinema Innovations

Have you ever heard of experiential cinema? These cinemas go beyond the boundaries of the confines of everyday experience and give an immersive experience to the audience. These experiential cinemas include interactive children’s theater, live-action film experiences, and flight film premiers. Regardless of what innovation these cinemas incorporate, they give the audience a more immersive experience and change how we see films. You may look into this guide to learn about some experiential cinema innovations.

Intergalactic Franchise Home Theaters

If you are a fan of the star wars franchise, you will enjoy this home theater designed by Zene Private Cinema. A Chinese-based Zene made this beautiful theater for a customer who wanted to pay tribute to the fantastic intergalactic franchise.

The home theater, created in collaboration with an interior designer, Dominique Amblard, has everything needed to have a fantastic movie experience. It consists of GTL sound labs, AP Platinum speakers, and a 4K projector to enhance the movie-watching experience.

Bright Beanbag Cinemas

One of the essential things while watching a movie is comfort. And the cinema designed by the Slovakian designer Michal Stasko takes the concept of comfort to a new realm. The chairs in the cinema in Samorin-Cilistov are filled with beanbags, giving it a playful and vibrant layout. In addition, there are enclosures between the bean bag where the moviegoers can stack all the snacks and drinks.

Bright Beanbag Cinemas

Live-action cartoon films

If you are a fan of ‘futurama,’ you must know how heartbreaking it was to hear about the series’ cancellation in 2013. But luckily, many of the fans and filmmakers took up this issue into their own hands. The film production company Cinema Relics Productions has turned the beloved science fiction into a live-action fan film, Fan-O-Rama.

But creating a live-action remake of a cartoon is challenging as they are not bounded by logic or physics. All the Futurama will understand how difficult it will be to create characters like Leela, who has one gigantic eye in real life. Despite all the challenges, the creators have done justice to the live-action characters. So, watch Fan-OI-Ram, A Futurama Fan Film, to see the fantastic live-action version of this cult cartoon.

Members-only Movie Theater

If you are someone who wants to enjoy a more personalized cinema experience, London’s Whirled Cinema is the perfect spot for you. With a seating limited to 60 people, this theater is very different from the multiplex movie experience.

This movie theater is different from the other theaters because the venue is located beneath the railway arches in London’s Loughborough Junction. Moreover, the cozy couch seating with a small bar and lounge is what serves coffee to pizzas, enhancing the experience of all the moviegoers. To maintain privacy and community ambiance, Whirled Cinema gives access to only its members. Thus, some experiential Cinema innovations are changing the way audience’s seen and enjoy the movie.

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