Movie Pro Suggests How To Bring Fans Back To Theaters

Movie Pro

The pandemic has negatively impacted almost all industries in the world. And movie theaters are no exception; they took a severe hit. When the world was battling the COVID-19 pandemic, all consumers were forced to constrain their lives to their homes. As a result, movie studios were forced to release their movies on online streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Soon people realized the convenience and comfort of watching their favorite movies from their homes. As a result, people in this post-pandemic era started to prefer online movies over watching movies in theaters.

Today, movie theaters have to compete with streaming platforms that are constantly improving, along with other entertainment like live events and nightclubs. Therefore, they are trying to adopt innovations to bring back the audience to theaters.

You might have seen some innovative attempts in the past few years, like 3D movies, wider screens, and better picture quality and sound effects. But unfortunately, the only film that justified 3D was Avatar. Since the release of Avatar in 2009, many 3D movies have been released, but customers are forced to pay extra charges.

If we look closely, the main strategy of all the movie theaters was to put as many people as possible in the room and charge them high prices for innovations they didn’t ask for.

Movie theaters have realized their mistakes and are introducing new ideas to bring the audience back to the theaters.

Giving offers

Experts suggest that to bring the moviegoers back to the theater, they can put discounts and offers like ‘bring a friend back for the movie for free, or ‘Tuesday night discounts.’ These are some small gimmicks that will bring back customers to the theater.

Personalized email

To pique the audience’s interest, experts suggest sending personalized messages like Hey tom; there is an art film you might like. This is one strategy that is adopted by many of the famous theaters.

Reclining chairs

One of the innovations many theaters have introduced is reclining chairs that enhance the movie-watching experience of the people. Today most theaters today use these chairs to make the audience more comfortable.

One of the main reasons people prefer home set up is that they provide a more comfortable experience with plenty of space to move around freely. This is what reclining chairs are here for. Unlike the older congested chairs in classic theaters, these chairs are large and offer a lot of space.

classic theaters

Installing fully-featured Kitchens

Another thing that many theatres have introduced is the fully–featured kitchens that serve a wide variety of food, including tacos, burgers, and pizzas. The food is tasty and can be quickly eaten using the reclaiming chair as they have small tables.

Remember that to bring the moviegoers back to the theater; you need to understand what they want. Therefore, introducing innovations should not be about what is possible but must be focussed on what they want.

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