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Movie Theater

Are you a regular moviegoer? Where do you go to watch your favorite movies? Do you go to your local movie theater or a multiplex movie theater? If you have never been to a multiplex theater, you need to visit it at least once, and you will immediately love the experience. So, what is a multiplex movie theater?

A multiplex movie theater is a complex that has many screens. They will be featured in a specifically designed building with dining areas, play areas, and many other features. If the movie theater complex is large, it can seat thousands of people. And when they are massive and have numerous screens, they are called a megaplex.

The difference between a megaplex and a multiplex depends on the number of screens they have. Some say having stadium seating and 16 screens makes a megaplex, while others say 24 screens are required to call it a megaplex. Megaplex theaters promise an enhanced movie-going experience, with large comfortable seating, and may have some amenities not found in the regular theaters.

So, if you are wondering what makes a megaplex different from regular theaters, you may read the following section.

What are the pros and cons of Megaplex?

The Megaplex has a lot of advantages and some disadvantages as well.

  • A single movie will be shown on a different screen, making it easy for you to get the ticket without waiting for a long time.
  • Multiplex will have high-quality restaurants, making them more feasible options when you are out with your family. These restaurants will be more hygienic than the side shops if you go to single-screen theaters.
  • Multiplexes have other facilities, like a gaming arcade for children, making them a great place to hang out before the movie starts.
  • Unlike theaters with single screens, many films will be shown on a different screen. Therefore you can choose the movie you want to see.

Movie Theater

Even though there are many benefits to a multiplex, they can sometimes become costly. This is not just the case with films, but all the other services available in the theaters, like the restaurants and the gaming arcade, will be more costly than the outside services.

Megaplexes around the globe

Marion Megaplex, Australia

Marion megaplex in Adelaide, South Australia, founded in 1997, had 30 screens when it was opened. But later, in 2004, three of the theaters were re-modeled into three golden-class cinemas, making them a 24-screen theater. The auditorium sits on top of the largest shopping complex in Adelaide, Westfield Marion.

UCI New York City multiplex, Brazil

This multiplex was opened in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, in 1999 and is the largest multiplex in Brazil.


There are some large multiplexes in France. The largest is the 27-screen UGC Cine Cite Les Halles in Pares. The second largest is the 23-screen Kinepolis with 7286 seats, and then there are other multiplexes of 22-screens and 20-screen in Paris. Thus, the market of movie theaters is growing, enhancing moviegoers’ experience.

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