The 5 Best Movies in Theatres Right Now


2022 has been an amazing year for movies! We have seen many fun movies across different genres. Although many of these movies release on Netflix and Prime, it’s a different kind of joy to go and watch movies in the theatres. So, make sure to plan your next visit to the movie theatre with your friends. Here are some of the best movies that you can catch in the theatres right now:

Black Adam

Black Adam

Many people were waiting with bated breath for this Dwayne Johnson movie to come out in the theatres. It’s about a famous DC comic book character that has incredible superpowers. He is well known for being a villain in the Shazam stories. Dwayne Johnson undeniably looks perfect for the part.

Keep in mind that Black Adam isn’t exactly the good guy. He’s more of an anti-hero. You also get to see the amazing Pierce Brosnan play a character in the movie named Doctor Fate, who is a master of magic. This movie has undoubtedly changed the face of the DC universe, as far as the movies are concerned.

The Woman King

This is another movie that has everyone talking! It’s based on things that actually happened in 18th and 19th century Africa. It’s about a strong and brave woman named Agojie who is committed to protecting The Kingdom of Dahomey from harm. The movie has great writing.

The characterization of Agojie is well done. The action scenes are beautifully choreographed. The movie also has elements of a love story in it. You get to hear plenty of upbeat African tribal music throughout the movie. There is something in this movie for everyone, and it should definitely not be missed.

DC League of Super-Pets

Although this movie is made for children, adults are sure to love it just as equally. It’s a great story that dog lovers can enjoy and relate to. It’s a story about Superman’s dog named Krypto the Super-Dog and his journey into becoming a full-fledged superhero.

When Superman is kidnapped, Krypto, the Super-Dog, decides to take things into his own hands and form a shelter-pets team. The movie has many humorous dialogues and unique action sequences. It has voice actors like Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, and Kate McKinnon.

Ticket to Paradise

Ticket to Paradise

This movie has legendary Hollywood celebrities Julia Roberts and George Clooney in it, playing a divorced couple that hates each other’s guts. However, the love of their daughter unites them, and they go to Bali to visit her out of their protective instincts. It’s a classic romantic movie with great direction and music.


This is a movie that may not be suitable if you have weak nerves. It’s a scary movie about a woman who books a rental in Detroit for the night. Everything seems fine until she realizes she is sharing the rental with another man. What happens next is thrilling and is sure to give goosebumps to viewers.

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