The Most Impactful Innovations from Movie Theatres

Movie Theatres

Movie theatres indeed took a serious hit during the time of the pandemic. During this time, movie studios were forced to release movies on various streaming platforms. But the customer realized how easy and comfortable it is to watch their favorite movies from home. And even after the pandemic, people continue to watch movies through the streaming platform from the comfort of their homes. Hence, more and more studios are releasing movies in hybrid formats, thus increasing the competition for movie theatres.

Today, theatres are not just competing with the streaming platforms that are improving every day but are also competing with other entertainment activities like live shows and sports events. So, it has become crucial for movie theatres to introduce more innovations to enhance the audience’s experience.

If we look at the scenario of a movie theatre in the last decades, we will realize that its main aim is to fit as many people as possible in a room while charging high prices. Thankfully, movie theatres have realized that if this pattern continues, the exaggerated statement of the death of movie theatres will soon become a reality.

They have started to consider why the audience will pay high prices to sit in an uncomfortable chair to watch a movie with 3D lenses. Instead, they can very well watch a movie at home within the comfort of the couch, with their favorite food. Movie theatres have realized their mistake and have adopted some impactful innovations.

Reclining chairs

Reclining chairs is one of the most impactful innovations that movie theatres have adopted in the past 20 years. These chairs are comfortable and will offer you plenty of space around you. Today, most of the new movie theatres have stopped building older classic style of chair that is uncomfortable and tight.

Reclining chairs

Theatres with Fully-Featured kitchens

Not just this, movie theatres have identified the need for good food and a better viewing experience. Some theatres even offer fully-featured kitchens that serve all types of food, including tacos, wings, burgers, and more. The food is tasty and can be easily eaten on the small tables that are available with the reclaimed chairs.

VIP rooms or 19+ rooms

Innovation is not about what is possible but what the customers want. And what they value most is being comfortable. These 19+ rooms, also called VIP room, is one way to improve the audience’s viewing experience. No one will want to watch a movie while a baby is crying or when teenagers are chatting about their crushes. This adult-only theatre provides a more comfortable option by allowing the serving of alcohol and improved food.

Projection mapping

To enhance the audience’s experience, theatres have adopted projection mapping outside and on the side and lobby of the theatre. This will help the theatre to become an extension of the film’s world. For example, if you were watching a Harry Potter movie in 2020, the entire atmosphere of the theatre would resemble Hogwarts, and the lobby would look, sound, and may even smell like the movie world.

Thus, many innovations are being made in movie theatres to attract and appeal to the audience.

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