Types of Movies You Should Always Watch in Theatres


Although it can be a comfortable idea to stay at home and watch the latest movies on television, you actually end up missing out on a great theatre experience, which is close to impossible to recreate at home.

The joy of watching a movie in a theatre with other people is unparalleled, especially if you are watching the movie on its first day of release. Here are some types of movies that you should always watch in theatres:

Horror Movies

When you watch horror movies at home, you may be tempted to turn down the volume or pause the movie. However, in theatres, you don’t have this option. Instead, you will be forced to confront your fear.

Horror Movies

The fun part is that you will be in a hall packed with people who are just as scared as you. The visuals in horror movies can be twice as powerful on the big screen, especially when accompanied by eerie music.

Comedy Movies

You can have a great time taking your friends or family members to a comedy movie. If you find someone next to you laughing at a silly joke in the movie, chances are that you may end up laughing as well.

Comedy movies become funny on a whole new level when you are watching them with so many people in one hall. Rom-com movies are also a great idea. They can feel dreamy and transport you to a magical world full of possibilities.

Action Movies

The thrill of action movies is best captured on the big screen. You come to appreciate the action much more in a movie theatre than you would if you were watching it all by yourself at home.

You get to pay attention to many details that you would otherwise miss. You may find yourself placing yourself in the shoes of the action hero and becoming nervous for their fate.

Science Fiction

Science fiction movies often have the most surreal and imaginative storylines. It can be incredible to look at the world created by writers and directors on the big screen. You may even feel like you are on a different planet.

Science Fiction

When you watch science fiction movies in the theatres, they will stay in your memory for a long time. Every time you watch the same movie again on the television, you will be reminded of the amazing time that you had in the movie theatre.


Musical movies are often full of life. They are best suited for movie theatres. Watching them in movie theatres can undoubtedly energize you and make you want to dance yourself. You get to feel every note of the music and appreciate every dance movement. You are sure to watch the same musical or dance movie at least two or three times.

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